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Subject: Proof of God (maybe) ( 8 of 27 )
Posted by Adam

Okay, I've checked this place a lot, but never intended on posting. I guess I have to now.

God is real. Where did the Universe come from? You'll say some chemical reaction. Where did the chemical reaction from? Think about it. You'll get a headache unless you accept the fact that a being much higher than us created it. The majority of the world is religious. How could they all be wrong? Now for my theory I came up with.

Remember back when you were six or seven? Of course you do. You have a memory. Remember when you read my last sentence? Remember when you started reading this sentence? No matter what happens, you'll always have a memory to remember it with. Except when you're daydreaming, but you can remember things from before you were daydreaming. Even with Altimer's you can still remember some stuff. We all knew that. Now let's look ahead about 90 years. You've been dead for quite a while probably. But I just said that you always have a memory to remember stuff with. Everything that is happening is a memory of your future self in some alternate time/dimenson. Sort of. So in 90 years you'll be in Heaven remembering when you first came to Heaven, when you died, and what you did on Earth. Of course, some people don't believe in God. I can't quite remember what God does to them. I don't think they go to Heck however. I think they just disappear. Athiests are living their lives subconsiously. If they are living consiously, then they will become religious sometime in their life and go to Heaven. You might be offended by this if you're an athiest (that's why I didn't include an e-mail address). You might say "I am living consiously!" Unfortunately, I or no other human being can entirely know that, because that is exactly what you would subconsiously think. Only you know that.

Lastly, you may be thinkning," God made the chemical reaction that started the Universe? Where did God come from?" No one knows except God himself. If you are consious, then you will probably learn where he came from someday. For now, you must have faith.
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