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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 11 of 41 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I don't really care too much who prefers which OS. Why should it? I only know which one I prefer, and if you were to ask me for my recommendation then I would recommend Mac. But that's just my choice. And that is what I do want - choice. I was pretty alarmed at one point because it seemed as if the extreme lopsidedness of the market was about to take away that choice. And while that might have caused triumphal glee from the less thoughtful members of the Wintel community, they might soon have discovered that what was good for Microsoft was not necessarily good for Microsoft's customers. Everybody benefits from choice and competition in the marketplace. Wishing for your platform of choice to be relieved of the irritant of competition is wishing for a very foolish thing.
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