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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 32 of 41 )
Posted by Joshers

Cool, so the difference is that the Mac is like a beautiful car that, while it functions like a car, you'd never go racing with it. And a PC is like a cheap car that you can take apart and put together and provides much more options than you'd get with something superior? To me, then, it just seems a matter of taste; options over performance. Ofcourse, a computer is a computer to me, so I can't really make any conclusions.

Also, about the scene in "Pirates of Silicon Valley" where Apple supposedly steals the GUI from Xerox, I read on Steve Wozniak's page that Xerox did receive shares of Apple's stock in exchange for the technology. But this is coming from the guy who helped found Apple, so there could be a bit of "misreported" information there. :-0

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