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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 21 of 41 )
Posted by Peter Nederpel

Just stubled upon this messageboard from the BBC site where it was announced that DA would have a talk on new technologies and other future thingies. Somehow It feels relevant to this forum. DA has in my eyes a natural way of making big associative jumps that do make sense in a humorous way.

Considdering this debate on OS Preferences, I was trying to make a longjump too. Taking the road of human behaviour on preference subjects. E.g. I never had a favorite color, I picked one just to avoid being called weird. It's amazing how such a nonsence preference can make the difference of being 'normal' or being 'odd'. The OS thingy is quite the same. It's not about exact facts or carefull research. It's just that NOT having a preference somehow isn't an option. (Although the chatters might just say, stay out of it then)

But because I like DA's way of making things clear in a non-atacking way, I hope he will someday write another novel, about all things human in the '90s, and especially about the 'forbidden direction' of being neutral. I have read other 'observer' type novels and I am very amused by obervations of people being very busy on nothingness.

Peter Nederpel, The Netherlands
(Ps: the email address is real, the part before the @ is a filter argument, not a username)

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