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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 18 of 41 )
Posted by Another Bruce

Well, in my opinion, "PC" stands for "Perpetually Crashes"!

Seriously, though, I love my little Strawberry iMac. I saw the made for TV movie, "Pirates of Silicon Valley", and if that movie is in any way accurate, Windows is just a blatant ripoff of Mac OS (should we call it MOS?). Mac OS is clearly superior (I used Windows in college, and it drove me nuts!), and the only reason Windows took over was by flooding the market (with the help of IBM, something little tiny Apple couldn't - or wouldn't - do).

The biggest complaint most people I know have about Macs is finding software. But there IS a lot of Mac software out there - if you know where to look. Before I got my iMac, I used to own a Performa, and after registering it, I was literally inundated with all kinds of Mac catalogs - MacConnection, MacMall, ClubMac, MacWarehouse, etc. even got catalogs that carried both Macs and Windows, like Publishing Perfection, with plenty of stuff for Macs. And of course, Netscape Navigator (Mac version) comes with plenty of built-in bookmarks to Mac sites.

One last point: a friend of mine got a Gateway, tried to intall a game, and the computer blew out. I thought this might just be an isolated event, but then I ran into an old girlfriend of mine who had also gotten a Gateway, tried to install software and, yep, the d drive bought it. After trying unsuccessfully for something like a month to get in touch with Tech Support, she finally got the d drive replaced. Her computer is still driving her crazy. She brought her 2 little girls over to my place, and they loved playing on my iMac. (Even though I don't own any kids' games.)

Okay, I've rambled way too long, here.

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