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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 29 of 41 )
Posted by The Dancing Tree

* Not enough RAM to quit application, please close some programs.

Whereas a PC just crashes the application anyway without at least informing you there's a problem.

* Keyboard not connected, press F1 to Continue

This isn't a MacOS error. This is actually very common under Windows 1.x - 3.x.

* Disk Drive not present, please insert Setup Disk

Again, I've seen a similar error under Windows.

* Your computer is not currently turned on.

What?! This is in the printed FAQ for almost all hardware from TVs to PCs. Hardly a MacOS problem.

Just bear in mind this - Apple stole from Xerox, but at least they made massive improvement OS-wise. Microsoft are lucky to have a U$3bn company to use as R&D, and without Apple you'd not have Mice / seperate keyboards / drag and drop / easily usable multimedia.

More importantly, without Apple, you'd not have a choice. And we all know what happens to companies that have a complete monopoly don't we? ...

Mind you, AcornOS is also very good, and that also got squashed by WinTel ...

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