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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 27 of 41 )
Posted by spiny_norman

Regarding the difference, Macs started out with a rather limited architecture related to expandability and tinkering. Anybody can make pc parts. Kind of like small block Chevrolet motors, there are alot of them so there are plentiful cheap parts, there being the parts available since there are alot of them. Regarding the o/s issue, Linux runs quite nicely on both making it my choice for it's stability and ability to debug yourself, not that very many people want to tinker with there o/s software, but I'm one of those that does, + there is a great deal of FREE open source unix/linux apps to do about anything you'd care to. Some tinkering required though to make things work. You don't have to run windows on pcs or mac os on macs, a point that seems to be overlooked in this discussion. There are rather a few choices for both platforms. Regarding technological superiority, the 64 bit 600mhz alpha processors have both whipped. Nothing is perfect, they are all valid choices, depends on what you wish to do with them and whether you want to have the ability to modify alot of things or just want to buy an appliance you can just plug in and that will do what you want with less choices, and much grey area inbetween.
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