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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 30 of 41 )
Posted by Generic the Branded

Oh puh-lease. You're not gonna really jump into THIS argument, are you?

But I can't help myself.

Ack! Ack! Somebody stop me!

Sys config error: keyboardist has been shot. Please artificially inseminate and reboot.

Huh? Hey! Get that syringe outa there! I can't get pregnant. I'm a guy, fer chrissakes. Sheesh.

Speaking of pregnancy, I favor abortion over gun control, especially in my choice of OS. But I'm biased, having evolved from the Great Bearded Guy in The Sky (who, incidentally, looks suspiciously like a carp, with legs).

But when it comes to a choice between Right Wing Liberals and Tory Socialists, I'd say there's more programs for PCs just like there's more prostheses for quadriplegics.

But seriously, given my druthers, I get more mutual satisfaction from my Waring Blender, and it's not always taking over my bathroom with dainty, poofy industrial-strength womanhood peripherals. Nor does it ask me loaded questions no-one could possibly answer correctly.

So, am I interpretating you correctly, that you really believe the world's largest megacorp and the world's largest David (funded by Goliath), have merely become obscenely wealthy providing flawed, frustrating products that offer sufficient pleasure to users that we've lowered our consumer standards and can accept buggy machines that drive us buggy because we have no sense of pride but have a good line of credit to meet our addiction while the pimps get rich?

See? My Waring Blender never would pose a question like that. Just add affection & push 'puree'.

(BTW, the 'AT' in my EMail is designed to fool electric devices that are constantly seeking me out with torrid video offers involving Tommy Lee and Maggie Thatcher that always leave me feeling rather tepid.)

So, what are *YOU* Waring?

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