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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC?Re:Joshers ( 34 of 41 )
Posted by spiny_norman

Thanks for beautifully mistranslating everything I said. They're about equally stable out of the box depending on particular o/s incarnations, you can take a mac and it's a mac unless you put a better o/s on it, you can take a pc and it's a pc, same caveats, or you can take a whole bunch of pc bits and build a smp machine to rival a cray rather affordably. Something that's hard to do with macs. Some folks want one, some the other, neither has the prize of being utterly superior. Though for tinkerers, pcs afford more optins. I'd rather have alphas/sparcs/ncubes/...than either, but that's my choice. Not quite a beaut car vs a cheap car, more like different kinds of cars. They all have their place, hope people figure it out. Otherwise we can go back to being twelve years old and doing the Ford vs. Chevy, Porsche vs. Jaguar, Alfa vs. Fiat bit, none of the contributers having actually driven all the cars, just reading magazines and daydreaming and making about as much sense as football fans.
Spiny Norman
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