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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 22 of 41 )
Posted by clifford t. fung

Joshers - on a hardware level, Macs tend to have the edge on PCs, but are consequentially rather more expensive. As far as their operating systems go, Macs can use Mac OS and others (including BeOS and Linux) but for reasons of product support, most people use Mac OS. Most PC users settle with Windows 95 & 98, although there are a host of other operating systems, most of which live in obscurity. Linux, which will work on both machines, is a beautiful operating system made for free by people who care, but issadly underdeveloped for mass use because there is so little product support out there, nor do Apple or Microsoft want anyone to use anything other than their own respective operating systems. So, the common choice between Macs & PCs is mainly one of personal preference. I can't honestly vouch for the legendary crash capabilities of win95. I use a PC and work alongside people using G3 macs, and have to say that neither system seems superior in terms of stability. Arguably, one has to be a little more clued up to get a PC to run well and to sort out problems when they occur. My personal preference for PCs is goverened by the following factors:

1) the PC orientation of the majority of the online computing community

2) i prefer (for all its woes) windows to Mac OS - Mac OS for me feels a bit to 'spongey' and unrelated to the way the computer actually works. Why should you have to drag a CD into the wastebasket to eject it? Windows for me, although clunky and clattery, gives the feel that you are using a machine, not just an overdesigned and (intededly) transparent interface

3) pirate (or, ahem, 'test')versions of programs are far easier to get hold of for the PC

4) I'm not made of money.

err...sorry...went off on one there.

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