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Subject: Re: Macintrash over PC? ( 28 of 41 )
Posted by Tim

Ah! World's largest provider of Macintosh software = Microsoft!

Unfortunately Office '98 (we poor Mac users only having ~5% market share had to wait!) which is compatible with both Office 97 and (allegedly) Office 2000 is still not Millennium Compliant according to the British Standard (DISC PD2000-1) which states that “neither performance nor functionality is affected by dates prior to, during and after the Year 2000”. Interestingly (sic) it is compliant according to Microsoft’s own ‘Compliance Standard’! Therefore a fully compliant machine (Macintosh) can/will have y2k problems if it uses the most popular business software package available for Person Computers in the world today! Interesting? By the way, not to worry, it is only the Excel Spreadsheet that causes problems....!

Oh! Well! 95% of the world clearly can’t be wrong in trusting Microsoft! Silly me!

[We use both PCs and Macs equally and - guess what - Macs cause us far, far fewer problems!]

PS: The last day of the current Millennium AND the last day of the current century is 31st December 2000 - see these sites for proof: - produced by the Royal Observatory Greenwich
and - produced by the US Naval Observatory
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