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Subject: Academy awards/Oscars - nonsense... ( 12 of 30 )
Posted by Noel Wade

I can safely say, that after living in Southern California (and surviving!) for 14 years - within 1 hour's drive of Hollywood and Disneyland - that the WHOLE Oscars and Academy Awards are pure politics; as some others have remarked. American actors and the SAG (Screen-Actor's Guild) is one hug insider's clique... the infighting, petty politics, and other factors that are basically personality conflicts blown out of proportion are all one giant mess. I suggest the following course of action: Find a decent movie, watch it, enjoy the characters and the story, and FORGET about the actors or whatever else there is beyond THE FILMS THEMSELVES. :-)
Heck, look at it this way: It's all about entertainment, right? Unless you're going to take well to heckling or being an "angry sports fan" about the Oscars, don't watch 'em if they aren't entertaining! :-)

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