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Subject: Re: Academy awards/Oscars - nonsense... ( 19 of 30 )
Posted by Weird Billy, the Janitor

Certainly, your points about our near-innate (automatic) interest in politics/gossip are well-taken and, on their face, appear to be almost axiomatic. But, when does the "politics" of Hollywood transform into downright banal silliness. It seems that a large bit of the Oscar's is who is wearing what made by whom. This is so uninteresintg to me that I fastly fall asleep. Movies are an important part of our society, and, it logically follows that those involved in the creation and production of movies would attract the interest from the general movie-going population. And, as DNA pointed out, this stems from our desire (need?) to understand and be informed of what goes on "behind-the-scenes" in both the public and private lives of Hollywood. But, it seems to me that much of it is silly and annoying. I could not care any less where Gwenyth Paltrow got her dress and how many pairs of sunglasses Jack Nicholson has. I don't understand those that find such topics interesting. Perhaps it is just personal preference. To me, however, it seems the media often crosses the fine-line between transmitting actual informative and interesting information to satisfy our desire to "know" or gossip and that information which is positively unimaginative, uninformative and silly.

Finally, it is an utter sham that "Something About Mary" was not nominated for Best Picture. This movie had the most buzz the entire year. "The Academy" cannot find it in their hearts to vote for a comedy. To them, movies are important, artistic achievements to be taken seriously. They lose sight of the fact, it seems, that movies are created for entertainment. Good movies are good movies, no matter whether they are comideies or docu-dramas.
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