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Subject: Re: Academy awards/Oscars - nonsense... ( 24 of 30 )
Posted by Weird Billy, The Janitor

Shakespeare in Love was a Romantic Comedy, something that is, in my mind, vastly different from a pure comedy, especially in the eyes of the elite Academy. Best Actor was Roberto Begnini, right? If so, then his performence was, though largely comedic, ensconsed in a dramatic and serious theme. I haven't a memory as to the Best Screenplay Award, but I think it is safe to assume it wasn't pure comedy. I should've made my point a bit clearer. Pure Comedies, it seems, the "Something About Mary's" all too rarely receive recognition from the high-to-do voters. Just my opinion.

DNA, will you thank your internet fans when you accept an award for Best Screenplay in 2001?
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