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Subject: Re: Academy awards/Oscars - nonsense... ( 23 of 30 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

It's exactly when our interest in things outstrips any apparent rational reason why we would be interested in them that the fact that we are interested in them becomes most interesting. That's behaviour at its purest. I'd really recommend The Red Queen by Matt Ridley, on sexual selection. Or The Ant and the Peacock by Helena Cronin.

As for There's Something About Mary being passed over because it was a comedy... Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay was won by a comedy, Best Actor was won by a comedian. Speaking for myself, I didn't think that There's Something About Mary was terribly funny. A lot of it, it seemed to me, was just gross-out. And even when it was funny, it seemed to me that it was very hit and miss and undermined by poor construction. It didn't know how to build or develop an idea, it just wandered about waiting till another came along.

I think that these would be good reasons for not nominating it.

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