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Subject: Re: Academy awards/Oscars - nonsense... ( 27 of 30 )
Posted by Red Fish

and as long as we've got the man talking, why stop at There's Something About Mary? I sure would have liked to hear Mr. NA's opinions in other Oscar-related topics (specifically, the Life Is Beautiful issue).

About comedies recognition - that's not limited to the Oscars, though it's obvious why people like to hate them. Comedies in general rarely get any awards or even recognition as Good Films - they're not considered "Serious movies", probably because they're not. Take any random "Top 100 movies of all times" list (you know, the ones with "Citizen kane" on top). How many comedies are there? Even romantic comedies?

And about script writing vs. novel writing: the difference is pretty clear. It's one thing to say "Once there was a lonely blongbrum who lived on a little asteroid and liked Bach and cheese"; it's another thing to describe it in pictures. In writing a script, you have to think in images. In writing a story, you can think however the hell you want. Wow, that came out corny. It's still true. I'll post it anyway.
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