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Subject: The robbing of Randy and Pete ( 21 of 30 )
Posted by Skip Plottwist

Randy Newman and Peter Gabriel Were undoubtedly taken. But, you have to notice what won to understand why: What won was a song from a Spielberg Film sung by two chart-topping divas about staying faithful to your beliefs. It was not the better song artistically, it was the better song commercially. "That'll do," on the other hand, was from the sequel to a children's movie performed by two male artists considered past their prime about reward for a job well done. I heard "Believe In Miracles" (or whatever it's called) all over the smegging radio stations, and on the ambient music in the store I work at. I hadn't heard "That'll Do" until Oscar night. The better song? "That'll Do." The commercial success? "Believe in Miracles."

I in no way agree with the decision, but I see its evil, wretched source.
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