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Subject: Bravo Mr. Adams ( 18 of 30 )
Posted by Ondrayap

I completely agree Randy Newman "was" robbed! I have always enjoyed his simple but forthright style, very enjoyable, and although Peter Gabrial did an excellent job...I found myself wanting to hear Randy sing it himself.

I do not however, agree with David J, about Arrowsmith, I think they also did an excellent job, and found Steven Tylers' appearence, somewhat appealing, for a change.

I have not seen "It's a Beautiful Life" (love the name),but if Roberto Benigni's excitement and enthusiasm, when recieving his awards, is any indication to his acting and the movie..I look forward to seeing it...hopefully Sub-titled...not Dubbed.

And finally, as an active and regular poster, on your StarlightLines Employee Forum, where Madness and Insanity rule, I also agree with what the Oscars are all about... just never thought of it in those terms.

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