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Subject: Re: Douglas Adams - novelist, comedian, politician ... ( 17 of 30 )
Posted by Bobby Jack

Douglas - how right you are. Politics has to be one of the most fascinating subjects we can possibly investigate and I cringe every time I hear someone claim "Politics is boring". Politics infiltrates our everyday lives, tells us how we really view life and our interactions with others on this planet. Okay, so some MP blathering on about the EU monetary system isn't edge-of-the-sofa stuff but what really is interesting is the wider issue - Communism V Capitalism, Republic V Monarchy etc. These debates involve questions regarding Philosophy, Religion, Sciences and almost every other possible subject we can think of. Politics is involved in our everyday life and it is a naive view to either dismiss it or to elevate our goverments to the ultimate position of power, expecting them to remain corruption-free.
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