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Subject: religious tendencies ( 1 of 47 )
Posted by abde

Mr. Adams,

I've noticed many religious elements in your books - Electric Monks, the Last Message, Zarquon, Oolon Colluphid, etc. You treat the sensitive topic of religion with respect, while poking fun at its foibles in a refreshing way. Have you ever given thought to making religion the focus of one of your projects?

IMHO the cool thing about faith is that it open up philosophical realms of debate and analysis (and comedy!) that science alone can't. Science, as an approximation to observed reality, seems limited to how things are, whereas religion (freed from the burden of logical proof) is more free to speculate about the underlying why.

"I refuse to prove I exist" says God, "for Proof Denies Faith, and without Faith I am nothing."

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