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Subject: Re: religious tendencies ( 29 of 47 )
Posted by Shim

They have observed many of the realities of existence and none of those
observed depend upon anything beyond nature.

Well try looking closely at nature instead. The most common and reproducable miracle we have.
Billion upon billions of sequential coincidences just to produce the most basic enzyme.

They live by their own rules, faithful that they will see all without bias, knowing
that objectiveness can truly only come from within.

This is true, though the rules are those produced by the scientific collective and
objectiveness is the natural product of a skeptical approach.

Maybe I was a bit too subtle there (some chance). You believe objectiveness comes from within???

And when did the scientific collective ever come up with a rule to live life by?
Did someone introduce an SI unit of morality that I missed?

Anyway, by this point we have already broken down in to the various tit-for-tat point scoring that
causes all the problems in the first place. The spirit of my reply was meant as an answer to the
"you poor deluded fools" style of your first post. My fault really, and I don't wish to carry it on further.
However, I would say that once I've got my boot in first, wouldn't I?

Before we hijack Douglas's forum to put across our own adgendas, I suggest we gracefully retire,
all safe in the deep knowledge that we're right and the other guy just doesn't get it.

Tell you what, we'll settle the existence or otherwise of God through a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors.
Best of 42.


(no cheating now)


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