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Subject: I submitted too soon ( 5 of 47 )
Posted by Weird Billy, the Janitor

As I meant to continue. . .atheists always seem much more prepared and well-equipped to discuss the foundations for their convictions. They always have reasons and never state "just because. . .or. . . just in case" Most atheists could go on for hours as to why they are convinced that god doesn't exist. On the other hand, most agnostics simply say something to the effect that they are afraid to not believe just in case. I've always maintained that agnosticism is the daughter of fear, fear of both a diety and offending others. Further, many theists I know, all Christians, haven't the slightest clue why they believe in God, haven't thoroughly studied Christianity or the alternatives to reach an informed decision. These people give no thoughts to their convictions. My point was, I guess, that atheists, especially where I live (Oklahoma), are much more able to give reasons for their beliefs, whereas theists are not. Any thoughts?

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