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Subject: Re: religious tendencies ( 13 of 47 )
Posted by Krissy

*laughing* Good one Shim.

Religion? I believe. When I was a child I had faith in the religion of my parents.

When I was a teenager, I rebelled, I questioned, I flipped things on their heads, I read different theologies, I became an atheist, I lied to myself and was honest with myself, I lied to others and was honest with others, I moved, I backtracked, I took classes for and against.

Then I became an adult. I took what I liked, what was true to me, what stood out clear and piercing through all the chaos. What my experiences told me was true, regardless of the sciences of life. Now I trust in my own religion.

I could tell you why. Describe to you the things that I have seen, the life that I have lived, but that would require at least a week of Sundays and several strong shots of whisky. I will not try and make you believe what I believe, but anyone telling me that there is nothing for me to believe in, is in ignorance of my life experience.

Having said that, if someone would like to sit down for a week of Sundays and trade stories and theologies, I am always willing. My faith can stand shaking, altering, and testing. My faith includes an open mind into the impossible or improbable. However, I like to question and trade, not get preached at by arguments for or against religion.

A quote, and I forget from whom: "Did you ever notice that those that most want to tell you about their religion are those that least want to hear about yours?"

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