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Subject: Re: religious tendencies ( 14 of 47 )
Posted by Simon

Whoa, strike that nail! I can stiil hear the hammer ringing!

Religion? I believe. When I was a child I had faith in the religion of my parents.

That's usually how it starts, your parents planted the god meme before you'd had a chance to develop any sense of sceptisism. Gets 'em every time.

When I was a teenager, I rebelled, I questioned, I flipped things on their heads, I read different theologies, I became an atheist, I lied to myself and was honest with myself, I lied to others and was honest with others, I moved, I backtracked, I took classes for and against.

So you experimented with doubt, tried to find your own answers and didn't like some of the hard truths that you'd be forced to accept. Let me guess, no afterlife (horrors!), no supernatural overseer to temper the "evils of man" with a little divine compassion, still searching for a "meaning of it all". It's a scary time full of insecurity, a ripe time for any "everything will be OK in the end" mind viruses to make everything good again, don't you think?

Then I became an adult. I took what I liked, what was true to me, what stood out clear and piercing through all the chaos. What my experiences told me was true, regardless of the sciences of life. Now I trust in my own religion.

So, faced by the unpleasant realities uncovered by your suspension of faith, you decided you'd like some of that old comfort back. Oh, to be able to sit back, close your eyes and not be assaulted by red teeth of a chaotic, godless universe. Not content with reverting to the religion of your parents, you invented your own, picking out pieces here and there that fit what you wanted to believe. There's merit here, I suppose, in the honesty with which you ran to the wide embrace of credulity.

Having said that, if someone would like to sit down for a week of Sundays and trade stories and theologies, I am always willing. My faith can stand shaking, altering, and testing. My faith includes an open mind into the impossible or improbable. However, I like to question and trade, not get preached at by arguments for or against religion.

No, I think you're right. There are those that believe that it would be in the best interests of human kind as a whole if we were to continue the fight against emotional panaceas like fairies, gods and horoscopes, but I'm tiring. There are just so many different ways of believing in so many different sides of the same coin - faith in human constructions to serve human vanity.

Infact, the more I think about it... I'm converted! Take me with you. Oh please, I want to see this tranquil place, I want to listen to it's song. I want to walk into a sea of faith, under a rainbow painted in the sky by angels, without caring whether any of it is a provable or not. I want to know that whatever I believe, it will be so, whatever the facts turn out to be. I could bring my monk if you like, would that be OK?


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