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Subject: Re: Richard Dawkins ( 35 of 47 )
Posted by Shim

Damn it!
Just as I thought it was all over you had to bring Dawkins into it.
You know my weak spots.

Let's listen in to that interview with one of today's finest minds, shall we....

Dawkins: A creator who created the universe or set up the laws of physics so that life would evolve or who actually supervised the evolution of life, or anything like that, would have to be some sort of super-intelligence, some sort of mega-mind. That mega-mind would have had to be present right at the start of the universe. The whole message of evolution is that complexity and intelligence and all the things that would go with being a creative force come late, they come as a consequence of hundreds of millions of years of natural selection. There was no intelligence early on in the universe. Intelligence arose, it's arisen here, maybe it's arisen on lots of other places in the universe........ But it cannot have been the sort of God that we need to explain the origin of the universe, because it cannot have been there that early.

Genius. The man has the ability to transcend those tiresome problems that hold normal science back, like logic for example.

So to recap. For a creator to be able to create something, it has to exist inside its creation.

So all computers, for examples, have little Babbages inside?

Am I missing something here? I'm not talking about religion or faith here, I just want to know how
this makes any sense whatsoever.

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