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Subject: Re: religious tendencies ( 7 of 47 )
Posted by Weird Billy, the Janitor

It was not my intention to imply that religious people, as a whole, cannot explain their faith. I simply meant, based on my experience living in the Bible Belt of America, that many, many people cannot explain the reason why they believe. They cannot explain the foundations of their faith. This is not so because I cannot comprehend true religious experience and faith, and, thus, it cannot be explained to me, but because they haven't given any thought to their own religion and know next to nothing about it.
At any rate, I agree with much of what you said, particularly that atheists may be limited in their understanding of theists because they've not experienced true religious faith and such. This is undoubtedly true, in my opinion. And I agree also in regards to Godel's provably true/not provably true theory. This too makes vast sense. Simply because something cannot be proven to be true does not automatically classify such as false. I understand that.

It is the blind faith that, quite frankly, annoys me. Too many people are religious simply because they are told to be. If you are going to choose something to be the very foundation of your entire existence, haven't you ought to give it a bit of thought?
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