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Subject: Re: religious tendencies ( 17 of 47 )
Posted by Shim

So you experimented with doubt, tried to find your own answers and didn't like
some of the hard truths that you'd be forced to accept. Let me guess, no
afterlife (horrors!), no supernatural overseer to temper the "evils of man" with a
little divine compassion, still searching for a "meaning of it all". It's a scary time
full of insecurity, a ripe time for any "everything will be OK in the end" mind
viruses to make everything good again, don't you think?

Indeed it is.

And let's face it, religion is only for the weak anyway.

Real men have seen through it all. They have observed the realities of existence and
accepted its trials and triumphs, confident in their heroic acceptance of meaninglessness.

They live by their own rules, faithful that they will see all without bias, knowing that
objectiveness can truly only come from within.

Following the ancient, outdated doctrines that have carried the feeble for thousands
of years is surely nonsense. We are nearly in the 21st century now. Modern society
has thrown these shackles and can't you see what an improvement it is? We don't
need the pain of life-long relationships. We don't need to discipline our children. They
are small adults. Give them guns and they will determine what is right for themselves.

Don't deny yourself for there is no "ultimate responsibility". The only truth is what feels
good now. This is clearly self-evident and needs no further proof.

Self-discipline is the folly of the weak-minded.

No, they carry on through the darkness, illuminated by their ability to penetrate the
slavish notions of others.

And then they die and that's it, proud in their hearts that they have worked and struggled
to kept themselves alive as long as they could.

And all in the name of Hard Truth.

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