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Subject: Re: Richard Dawkins ( 40 of 47 )
Posted by Shim

>What I believe he's saying is that in order to have the intelligence to
>create first you have to evolve the intelligence to create.

I'm sorry, but as far as I can see, that is pure nonsense.

Let's suppose I had the tools to create my own universe, much like our own, in a test tube. Inside my test tube universe, you can not see out in to our universe. Billions upon billions of years pass, and intelligent life evolves in my test tube universe (asburdly unlikely, but God can't possibly exist so we'll say it happened by chance).

Now, is my existence dependent on intelligence existing within that universe?
Moreover, is my existence dependent on that intelligence existing at the very start within that universe?

The next stage is to start arguing where I came from, then. I existed sequentially before my universe and must have been caused by something else. However, in the real universe, current scientific (and ancient Kabbalistic) knowledge states that the Big Bang was the start of both space and time. The universe's creator is necessarily outside the universe and therefore outside space and time, and asking what caused that creator to "start to exist" is nonsense.

But that last paragraph was just a hit-and-run side issue. I still want somebody to explain to me what Dawkins is saying.

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