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Subject: Re: Richard Dawkins ( 45 of 47 )
Posted by Simon

Dawkins is denying the existance of a creator because he's only interested in this universe. If this is the only universe then his logic holds; a complex intelligence would not have been possible in the beginning. If this is not the only universe and entities in other older/wider universes have the capacity to create new ones then the logic falls down beyond the glass of your test tube.

Let's suppose I had the tools to create my own universe, much like our own, in a test tube. Inside my test tube universe, you can not see out in to our universe. Billions upon billions of years pass, and intelligent life evolves in my test tube universe.

Now, is my existence dependent on intelligence existing within that universe?

No. Your intelligence is dependent on intelligence having evolved in your own universe.

So you are the creator of a test tube universe and appear to it's denizens as a god. That is, you would if they could see out. You too live in a universe in a test tube created by a super Shim. He too lives in an enclosing test tube created by a Shim-god. Infinite regression, well done. So we've got our hypothetical creator, infact we've got recursive hypothetical creators, where does that get us?

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