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Subject: and this is my last zarking post on the subject ( 47 of 47 )
Posted by Krissy

There is often an assumption made that science and religion are mutually exclusive. I believe that the complexities in our universe that science has uncovered are a more likely indication that there is something out there larger than ourselves.

I often picture it like this: Imagine walking into a warehouse and seeing before you a whole set of domino's set out one after the other on the floor. This structure is lined up ready to fall at a moment's notice. The domino's cross each other and re-cross, some of the lines lead somewhere and some don't, but they are set on end, over the whole floor. In fact, many threads are already falling and changing. Accidents happen and some stop, but most of the falling domino's continue the way they are lined up. In other words, you have a large structure that is incredibly complex, changing and evolving.

Viewing this for the first time, would you assume that the domino's fell out of the box and into that complex pattern totally by accident? Something bumped the box off the shelf and suddenly there it is all spread out perfectly?

We can explain that the Big Bang happened, how it happened, but I have yet to have anyone tell why it happened. We know molecules and cells behave in a certain way. Why? Does that fact that we know how the baby is created make it any less a miracle that it happens? Every day miracles occur, incredible complex happenings. If everything were explainable, if we knew the "why" of it all, we wouldn't make the mistakes that we do. (And "because" is not an answer that is any more concrete than "God")

I have seen too many unexplainable things to be willing to throw them all up to chance. I find it less defensible that it's all one big messy accident (much like the chance that the domino's would be one big messy accident) and more so that there is a force out there at work that we don't understand.

In addition, regarding the argument that man has been evolving for millions of years: That's just peanuts compared to how long the universe has existed. A blink of a cosmic eye. We went from water to trees to two feet to cellular phones almost overnight. I find it pretty impressive. And I would love to know why. I would love to know why it was our species in particular that developed the brain instead of the teeth. Evolved into opposable thumbs rather than really sharp claws. We are not the only species that had that amount of time to evolve, but here we are, upright with tools and complex languages. I want to know why we, of all of the species (even just of ape) that are out there, we grew the way we did. At what point did the first person ever become self-aware? And more importantly, why did he become self-aware?

The individuals I have talked to can prove answers like "because" "fate" and "chance" (how often can an accident occur before it is not longer considered definable as an accident?) no better than I can prove the answer "God".

What is infinity plus one? plus one? plus one? What is the smallest form of matter? What makes that up? What makes THAT up? Eventually even science hits a point where it has to begin to take things on faith. To project the probable answer without being able to prove it. When I say that I believe in God, that's what I am doing.

Now, I had this argument a zillion times in college and argued both sides of the coin. I am tired of arguing about it. Believe what you want to, I am going to go get a cup of warm milk and take a bloody nap.

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