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Subject: The influence of language on thought ( 12 of 58 )
Posted by Weird Billy, the Janitor

I have a thought on this issue, though it is one about which I know nothing. DNA stated it is self-evident that language influences thought. I certainly agree with this. However, DNA also stated that the relationship ibetween language and thought is infinitely complex and non-trivial. While this is undoubtedly true, one possible way that the two are related is by the following. If you are limited in language, then wouldn't you necessarily be limited in your ability to think complex thoughts? As the majority of our thoughts (or at least my thoughts) are sub-vocally "spoken", wouldn't one's ability to think be limited by one's vocabulary? That is, if I knew only a few hundred words, wouldn't nearly all my thoughts be "spoken" with those words only, thereby limiting my ability to perform even remotely complex thoughts? It would seem that such would be true. Of course, this may be entirely axiomatic, but I just thought I'd point it out. Perhaps vocabulary size is what separates the intelligent from the idiots. It is certainly an interesting topic.
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