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Subject: Re: Language and the Internet ( 24 of 58 )
Posted by lordbeetle

GHP- Kate from Floor42 is 24, like myself (but most twelve year old spell better than I (I have an LD, but I try to do better))

The Internet has taken away from the world a great filter that prevented most people from writing. Publication. If a person is a good writer, an entertaining writer, an informative writer, they can (funds allowing) be published. With the internet and the WWW, anyone with acess to a computer can set up shop and push their views to the world. Most people can not write well. I can not, for instance, write a gramaticaly correct sentence if someone put a gun to my head. I have no clue. After 16 years of education this is my best. I am not alone. Most people write the way that they speak. They add emoticons (which I abhorr) to replace flux in voice and the "talking with hands". After being on the internet for about 5 months now, I have begun to talk in third person to people in my everyday speech.
A writer does not use emoticons in a book. A writer does not need these tools to express emotion. The words are available to use, but the offer is declined and a :) is used instead. Show of hands: how many people have a dictionary and thesaurus by there computer for internet posting use. I don't. My spelling is so poor, a dictionary is near useless to me. But these are tools of writers. Not little pitures.
There was mention of two styles of comunication: Writing and Speaking. The internet has allowed a style to develop that is simular to previous writing but is not all-together different. People write the way they speak. That is natural to someone who hasn't been taught to write effectivly. To write with emotion and flare. Where there is no need to follow with an adjuster to denote emotion. Text based internet will weaken if voice capability is incorperated. But it will leave many people who will be able to invoke a sense of emotion in their writing. Just as books have lived past a television age, the written internet will last past the next development in comunication.
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