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Subject: Re: Language and the Internet ( 21 of 58 )
Posted by The GHP

I think you're right. That's what I was more thinking of than the online word being a separate class. It sounds more precise to say that it is a merging of the two types, in-between the literary and oratorical world.
The issue of the 'shorthand' usage is also true. These are new terms, words, figures, but they are only for replacing the sounds we make and attempt to translate into text (onomatopoeia, anyone?). Certain meanings are lost, which is why communication of meaning is often lost, but this only teaches the poster to be more precise in meaning the first time around.

Skwee G.:
That _is_ fascinating. I'm sure that the culture and the language are very closely related. A great deal must be lost in translation, given that the Japanese character symbols could be much more specific in description. Can written language be more expressive than spoken? I suppose it depends on the language.

Reminds me of how the Eskimos have about a hundred of two words simply to describe rain, snow, and ice. It is only a necessity of life, to tell a neighbor _exactly_ how the weather conditions are, using so few words. Thus the way their language worked reflected their culture. This could also apply to the American culture, as DNA mentioned how America was 'mongrolized', so was the language. Then the culture of the Internet similarly defines the new language shifts.

I agree that since the only image we see of someone online is their text, the spelling and general appearance is very important. I'm not sure if the reading skills will improve in some cases, such as those who only need or use rudimentary conversation skills. The web is improving and getting worse at the same time. More people are online, so the amount of good, original content goes up, but so does the amount of mediocre or worse posting. The compusive desire to put something up on the web to claim as one's own--no matter how good or bad the information is--leads to anything and everything put up.
I certainly hope that the text version of the internet stays. It's not very likely that it will die-off in the near future, even with the 'voice modems'. Text content is what it was built on, and only with the introduction of the WWW has there been more interest in graphics.
(PS: nice to see you here! --Phindex)

I find the same to be true myself! When typing to these sorts of places, or when chatting, what comes out on the keyboard is usually from deep within, reflecting our personality. One does not need to put up a 'front' when online, since text is only seen. Therefore, what really comes out is the true person, maturity or lack of. See, what does age have to do with anything but experience?
Truly amazing!
(to Kate: Are you the floor42 Kate? and what do you know..I just turned 19! What does that say about my writing?)

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