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Subject: Language and the Internet ( 19 of 58 )
Posted by woodears

With all respect to Mr. Adams, I would ascribe the popularity of English as the new lingua franca to American movies and television shows, not the Beatles. They probably had some impact, but the movies and television are an ongoing phenomenon.
I've also been told that English is 'more precise' than German and French when business matters are discussed. I would not have thought this to be the case.
I consider the Internet a boon to letter writers everywhere. When you post online, you do not have your pleasing appearance or facial expression to impress your viewers; it's just naked print. The spelling becomes important. I certainly agree that the American educational system has declined over the last few decades, but so has the importance of reading. I think the Internet can help rectify this situation.
I hope the text version of the Internet persists for a while. It inspires people to learn to write better. I'd hate to see 'voice modems' replace it, though I suppose this is inevitable in time.

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