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Subject: Re: Language and the Internet ( 20 of 58 )
Posted by Kate Schechter

I've been online for two years (I mean I've had Internet access for two years, not online for a solid two years), and everyone I've met through the Internet is convinced that I'm over 40. Why? Because I type and spell well, I'm told. Truth be told, I turned eighteen last Thursday.

When I see bad grammar and spelling with little or no capitalization, I automatically think "under twelve." When I see everything as it should be, I think "adult." I'm wrong most of the time, of course. Some supposed "under twelve" sorts are married with a whole litter of children, and some supposed "adult" sorts are eleven years old. It's marvelous.

That's one of the few good things I have to say for the anonymity of the Internet. I think in writing (not just what you say, but how it's written), your true personality comes out, and you can see who's "under twelve" in their minds. Telling someone's maturity without the handicap of knowing their real age. It's amazing. ^_^

Best fishes,
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