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Subject: Re: Language and this thread ( 58 of 58 )
Posted by Skip Plottwist

I fully agree with Jace when he states how great it is to see a forum where intellectual discussions can actually occur. I also agree on the concept of thinking in concepts while having vocabulary that restricts your ability to express them. I also believe that English is a swiftly evolving language... with an ever increasing number of dialects and slang terms. I've found that I now actually use the word "smeg" when upset (a Red Dwarf word) and my friends and I use the same word when acknowledging a respectful approval: kewlbeenz (pronounced kool-BEENZ). As for the issues of spelling and grammer, they have their places in forums/newsgroups/web pages/E-mails, but not in chatrooms where fast reaction is part of the fun.

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