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Subject: more language stuff ( 44 of 58 )
Posted by lordbeetle

But, ebonics is a dialect of english, as new jersey, alabama, and oregon have north westdialect, southern dialect, and what ever the hell new jersey is speaking. If ebonics were to be classified as a language, then what is to stop creole from claiming independence?

A logical language is not limited any more than most languages. It can develop but the rules and structure can not change. It will be proposed as a machine/human interface language in addation to previous possibilities.

Where do we go from here? Would anybody argue that english is too quick to change and evolve for a universal language. If it were adopted everywhere, it would just change into something we wouldn't recognize if we heard to. Imagine how different it is now between british english and ebonics, but they are both english, then letting loose upon the world and watching it change. When I grew up in Atlanta, most people I knew didn't understand british english.

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