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Subject: Thought and language ( 25 of 58 )
Posted by lordbeetle

The other topic disscussed her is in reference to the idea that language dictates thought. Most people will agree it does, but to what degree? There are studies in development to find the relationship between thought and language. The one I have begun to work with recently is called Lojban. A language is being constructed that is logical. It will take various parts of different languages and incorperate them into a new logical language that can not change. Sometimes this causes a minor problem like three of the words for compus points begin with the letter "s". But most of iit is fine.
Some points to be tested from a logical language are communication between regions. The internet generally ignors political and geographical boundries between people in forums like this one. But someone who does not speak english will find this difficult.
Another point is to see how a limited vocabulary effects how a person thinks. Most people think in a voice with words. If you had no words to describe a feeling or event, you would be less likly to think of it. How many times did you see something and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Well, why didn't you? Some ideas just don't occure to me if I don't know how to. Does a person's fear of something alien to them stem from a lack of previous knowledge?
If a person who looks under the hood (bonnet) of a car tried to identify parts and their funtion without having been trained in a mechanic's vocabulary, how would the average person do? Would they benefit if they knew the names of the parts?
Is it easier to comprehend someone's idea if it is stated in your vocabulary rather than jargon?
Would it be easier for an ambassador to understand the language of the place he serves in? Would they perform the job better?
The benefit of a universal language (like esperanto) has not been tested to a large degree. The internet would be a good place to do it. I am not sure english is a good language to do this with. That is why we run into the problem of poor grammer and spelling. English is too loose, to willing for adjustment, for such an expirement.

just a thought
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