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Subject: Re: The influence of language on thought ( 40 of 58 )
Posted by Simon

I would use only my visual/imagining skills. Language would have no role in my thinking of a camel passing through the eye of a needle (at least none that I can imagine). And, back to the cow, my point was that my inability to describe what innard was what would severly limit my ability to understand the workings of, say, the cow's digestive system. Sure, I could describe color, smell, etc. I could not describe, due to my ignorance of a cow's innards, functions and parts. I could not communicate such to myself, much less to others

Exactly, the problem is an inability to internalise a cow's guts by whatever means. It's not that we don't have the words, it's that we don't have the right words, sounds, textures or smells, any or all of which might be called upon to build our virtual digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

I feel your pain, my life is similarly blighted by an incomplete understanding of the inner workings of cows.

What an excellent thread.
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