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Subject: 25 vowel sounds ( 8 of 58 )
Posted by Krissy

Diphthongs. Connections of vowels. An I-E sound, or even an A-I-E sound. Good examples are southern dialects, stereotypical "New York" dialects. What actors call "Upper Class British" have very proper, short vowels. Cockney accents tend to contain scads of diphthongs.
Interesting fact: The British tend to use consonants to convey meaning. Consonants tend to be associated with thought. Cerebral. Americans tend to use vowel to convey meaning and vowels are thought to contain emotion. If you look at the difference between American and British humor this becomes readily apparent. Lou Costello moaning and humming to convey fright as opposed to the clipped wordy speech of Flanders & Swann. Both legitimate, depending on what you appreciate.

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