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Subject: Re: The influence of language on thought ( 50 of 58 )
Posted by The GHP

I understand the concept of how thinking is linked with language. Though it is also true that we commonly think in abstract, if we have a large vocabularly, then it seems that our mind automatically translates these abstractions into our own language.
For example, I am nearly always continuing an internal dialogue to myself about what I see, feel, or experience. My mind has its own voice, and I 'hear' my own thoughts in words that I know. Since I write or type my thoughts down frequently, it makes sense that personal thoughts would follow the same form. All the abstracts that I think about are also commented upon in this private fashion.
Many people seem to experience the same phenomena. How many times have you heard someone talking to themselves, or even in their sleep? They are merely echoing or forming the words that flow through the mind. Is this a border to schizophrenia? Not at all. You do not have to have a split personality to talk to yourself, nor to have thoughts internally verbalized.

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