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Subject: Re: Why Johnny can't spell ( 3 of 58 )
Posted by Krissy

I am a terrible American speller. However, in college I never turned in a document that I did not previously proof for spelling errors and those with spelling errors were harshly graded. My terrible spelling tends to leap to the fore when I am in chat rooms or writing casual emails. My question is, do you think that itís entirely the fault of the educational system, or do you think perhaps one of the reasons you find so many grammatical errors and spelling errors in this medium is because the person writing is far more concerned with the thought they are attempting to convey than the technical aspect of the writing? I donít mean to imply that spelling is ďuselessĒ or that it should be abandoned and I understand that if the skill is learned correctly the first time there is less of a tendency to make a mistake. However, I usually find that in chat forums there is more inclination to attempt to project inflection, feeling and subtler intentions than one finds in your average college paper. On the net my experience is that people are attempting to bypass the two-dimensional literary experience and create a three-dimensional conversation using strange punctuation, alternative (and admittedly incorrect) spelling, and fractured grammar. Do you have a different response to the intentional aberrations than the laziness? Or do you think itís all bunk?
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