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Subject: to chevy lumina ( 12 of 51 )
Posted by bobthegreat

you've gone barmy! jim carrey would be the perfect ford (dodge flying pickle). as for ford being played by a british actor. he had only lived in england for about six years out of somewhere around two hundred, i believe (zaphod was 200 years old in the beginning of the 1st book and since they were semi-cousins and grew up together...). now is six years out of two hundred really long enough to develop a british accent? back to jim carrey. you said you liked him in the truman show (i agree ****). when i suggested him, i thinking about his more serious, "adult" roles such as the truman show, the cable guy, and man on the moon. i would abhor it as much as the next guy if carrey made ford into some retarded pet detective who talks out of his ass.

waste 2000
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