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Subject: My Objection... ( 40 of 51 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina the "trendies", as I call them, is that I fear casting HHG with people who are wanted just because they are POPULAR; not because they're GOOD. I'd rather have "unknown" Brits who can really truly ACT (and look as right as possible) than Big Famous Names whose acting styles are cheesy and cliched.
Besides, I get so SICK of hearing about certain people _all the time_ that the very IDEA of going to see them in an actual movie makes my stomach churn. The idea of them being in a movie that I absolutely HAVE to see makes me throw up so much, I get the dry heaves afterwards...

RAY DALEY: Hey, what do you mean, aliens avoid this planet? I'M an alien, remember? ;) Although, I don't recognise sarcasm unless I'm REALLY concentrating, so you should remember that. ;) Most importantly: I HAVE heard of the movie "Event Horizon", in fact, I've had it described to me in great detail by my brother (but haven't actually seen it)--what tripped me up is that I did not recognise the _names_ of the movie's producers/creators, out of context. I'm not really THAT into it.
"Shoe Event Horizon" would have been more amusing to watch, though, I'll bet... :P
OH! Another example of Obsessing Over Shoes in the series: Remember what made Ford so mad as he was falling outside the Guide buildings in "Mostly Harmless"? That's RIGHT! It's because he lost one of his SHOES! :)
(That made me laugh out loud at a book, louder and longer than I have in a long time, for some reason...he's falling to his death, he's learned about information that could mean the wiping out of all life in the universe, and he's obsessing about his SHOE! On the floor. Absolutely _on the zarking floor_...)

One last note: David Duchovny would not be my FIRST choice for Ford, but he vaguely kinda looks like my picture of him, in terms of colouring and features at least, and I don't have anything AGAINST him; so, if I HAD to accept him in The Movie, I could.


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