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Subject: Ford? I'm still pulling for Jason Marsden ( 30 of 51 )
Posted by two and a half

No one here knows who he is, but he is talented in the cynical way and could be serious if he tried. He isgood looking and short (I believe Ford was described as small in SLATFATF) and he would do a wonderful job, pull off all sorts of laughs that probably no one even knew were there until he took on the job. Please ask him, Mr. Adams, I know he could do it. And as for Jim Carey.....he has his type of acting, and this isn't it. He could not pull this off in a million years. His inflections are all wrong....and besides, he's too ugly to play Ford... because of the amount of people here in love with Ford (one of them is me), I would heartily suggest choosing someone at least with some good facial characteristics.
As for Trillian.....I've no idea.
As for Arthur....whoever you choose.
As for Zaphod.... although I agree with someone else and myself (we both wrote the same thing at different times) that Brendan Fraser would be good at this part, Zaphod was never one of my favorite characters (there! maybe some people will reply to that remark!) and I almost don't care.
There you have it, then.
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