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Subject: Hey....What? ( 16 of 51 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

WHOO! Someone agrees with me on the Simon Jones thingie. I thought everybody would tell me I'd gone barmy. :P Haven't heard that reading doojie...

The Jim Carrey _from the Truman Show_ might work as a decent actor in some OTHER part, but I like Ford far too much to give any actor other than the absolute _best_ to him. He's my FAVOURITE HHG character, ya know. ("NO, REALLY?!" the entire board yells at once.) I just don't think he LOOKS right; although ya know? I could ALMOST see him playing...ARTHUR!! But he's not British. (I can easily see him stumbling around in a bathrobe, raising his head to the sky in sarcastic despair, and basically going, "Won't anybody ever tell me what the HELL is going ON?!!" is what I mean.)
But mainly I agree with Caligostro or however one spells that; when you put a SUPER-famous actor into a role they sort of take it over and you are really watching the actor more than the character. I'd prefer an unknown or a cult-famous person.
Ford's accent: Well, he was British in both the radio and TV versions and when I'm reading his lines in the books I HEAR him that way in my mind. But I have an Interesting and Useless Theory on that:
When you talk at someone while wearing a Babel fish, it not only decodes what you say into their language, but it also does it _in that person's dialect_. So since Arthur is English and he's normally the only human around for Ford to talk to, we hear him (Ford) through Arthur's point of view. So HE hears him as British which means that WE do.
Of course, Ford's actually speaking Betelgeusian. :P
Does that make any sense?
Of course, this talk of Babel fish raises the question: "Wait a minute, NOBODY on Earth had ever heard of Babel fish; Ford could have understood the humans but how the holy Zarquon's singing fish did THEY understand HIM?!"

Well, to paraphrase the wise lyrics of a recent sci-fi comedy show's theme song:
"It's just a book, you should really just relax!" ;)


"PRISONERS! Seize each other!"
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