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Subject: Gah... ( 22 of 51 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

Cameron Diaz. YICK. Although I had nothing against Sandra Dickinson--a blonde American--as Trillian in the TV version, there is the slight matter that I didn't HATE Ms. Dickinson's guts and I wasn't sick to the teeth of hearing about her and her stupid movies advertised EVERYwhere ALL the time. Cameron Diaz. YICK. No, I do NOT want to see "Something About Mary", not now, not ever...bleck..

Never mind that. Speaking of Chris Barrie, whom somebody mentioned earlier: If he was going to play a part, it would be one with lines, but fairly minor-ish, in my opinion. I see him as being a Golgafrinchan for some reason. NOT the Captain; that actor should be sorta fat, because, ya know, he's in the bath all the time and gets NO excercise. Short and squat. Like the TV guy whose name escapes me at the moment. (Aubrey something?)
Anyway. Barrie should be either:
The officer who was with the Captain; I can't remember if he's Number One or Number Two; anyway, the sorta wimpy one with the high-pitched voice who gets more lines than any other officers who may have been in the room, except for the interrogating guy.
The Interrogating Guy, whose rank I also can't remember.
OR the Hairdresser who was trying to discover fire but made curling tongs instead.

For some reason, I see him as one of those.

But that's not in the FIRST movie so forget it. :P


"Ah, I'm with you Beeblebrox. You reckon we could slide this plastic invite into a door lock, break out of this building, climb into one of the Frogstar fighters, and then maybe overpower all the guards with this terrifying small plastic card."

(I'm having fun with the radio version...heh heh heh... ;))
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