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Subject: Re: What the ZArking fardwarks I actually AM talking about! ( 34 of 51 )
Posted by ray daley

I'd just like to clarify my reference to the radio scripts statement.
IT WAS A JOKE! An attempt at humour which obiviously went over most people's heads.
The post prior to mine made a reference to the radio scripts, and it made me think of the whole section referring to "The Shoe Event Horizon". What I was trying to say was the film featuring Sam Neill and Lawrence Fishburne entitled "Event Horizon" might have been a whole lot more enjoyable if DNA hadn't aready thought of the title 15+ years before but called it The Shoe Event Horizon. An even further funnier thing is than the HOG is described as looking like a "running shoe".
this was an attempt at being funny. i won't try again, because obviously some people wouldnt recognise a joke if you painted it bright neon luminous yellow with pink stripes, and mounted a neon flashing sign reading "This IS a Joke!" and it played a loud song titled "I am a Joke!".
obviously not all DNA fans work on the same wavelength.
any wonder aliens avoid this planet?
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