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Subject: Huh....? Buh?? ( 25 of 51 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

I don't quite follow you, Ray. Are you saying that you think that _I_ think the movie script should follow the radio version? In that case, I would have to say, no. The differences are interesting but I'd rather it followed the books.
My favourite bits of the whole Shoe Thing were:
A. Lintilla (and her clones) who was a very strong, entertaining, independent female character. HHG has so FEW female characters that you can count them on the fingers of one hand: Trillian, Tricia McMillan, Random, Fenchurch. And if you include the oft-mentioned, never-seen, Eccentrica Gallumbits, it'll STILL fit on your hand. Too bad Lintilla had to end up a face on the cutting-room floor...or should I say, 578 thousand million faces? ;)
(What's especially odd is that I have this VERY VIVID picture of Lintilla in my mind, just from her voice--she wasn't _described_ at all, and why would she be, it's RADIO! My mental picture is basically a tallish, classy-looking, athletic 30-looking humanoid woman with a long brown ponytail, wearing slouchy khakis and hiking boots.)

My second favourite part of all the "shoes" bit was Ford refusing to rescue Zaphod and trying to keep him entertained while he was dying instead. That was HILARIOUS.
Of course, in the TV version Zaphod is about twice Ford's size and I doubt he could have rescued him even if the slope WASN'T slippery; but that's beside the point... ;)

But I don't have a CLUE what movie you're talking about or what the photon you mean, Ray Daley.


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