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Subject: Another Trillian post ( 37 of 51 )
Posted by bobthegreat

neve campbell is an intresting choice but i'd have to disagree. when i think of her, i still see party of five and this little brat that was in a show that lots of other little brats liked to watch after melrose place or 90210. i just don't think she's ready to make the jump from teenage roles to adult roles.
cameron diaz. though i don't think it's a good idea, i also don't think it's that BAD of an idea. if she gets the part, ok, fine by me.
famke jansen would be good.
i still would rather see sandra bullock.
ok, so here's the part where i do a complete 360 to everything that i've previously said. it is my opinion that MOST of the characters (esp. arthur, trillian, and fenchurch(i know, the movie is only about the first book)) should be played ny little known british actors. however, since i don't know of many of those, i am going to continue to suggest bi hollywood names

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